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All-natural homeopathic massage cream

Why use synthetic, overprocessed slippery creams on your clients when you can use a product that not only provides benefits to the client, but the therapist, as well.


This amazing massage cream is only made with sweet almond oil, beeswax and essential oils that are designed to provide amazing homeopathic benefits.  The clary sage and lavender cream helps reduce hair loss, aids in digestion, promotes sleep, heals rashes and reduces stress.


The buddy baby butt cream is an alternative used at changing time and after bath, to help promote sleep and prevent diaper rash, naturally!

Some health benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are well-documented medicinal healers used for thousands of years by Sumerian, Egyptians & Tibetans. 


I combine all the best essential oils in a way that will capitalize on the benefits of these amazing holistic healers.


I  also use only the highest grade organic ingredients available with one simple goal in mind; to heal naturally.


The following essential oils are used in my products


Cinnamon:  Facilitates wound healing, relieves cold symptoms, boosts brain activity & memory, insecticide.

Cedar Wood:  Anti-inflammatory, headache relief, treats acne& dandruff, promotes sleep & relieves tension.

Clove:  Increases metabolism, reduces toxicity in blood, controls blood sugar, boosts the immune system.

Bergamot:  Improves skin texture, mood elevator, anti-fungal, pain reducer.

*Lavender:  Reduces hair loss, aids in digestion, promotes sleep.

Clary Sage:  Heals rashes, boosts libido, relieves stomach discomfort.


*Only essential oil safe for infants.


How to order:

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Aroma Relief Massage Cream

Approximately 18 treatments per 8 oz. jar.  $24.95

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