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Get A Balanced Body

What are the Benefits of Body Scrubs?

In A Nutshell...

Stress , pollution and constant pressure at work not only take a toll on your health, but your skin as well.  Especially here in Florida where the constant heat and sun exposure can accellerate pre-mature aging.  Body polishing can pamper and energize your whole body!


Body polishing is a treatment for the skin that uses natural abrasive products that are massaged, scrubbed and rubbed onto the skin.  This treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.  In this process, dead skin cells are removed which, in turn, rejuvenates your skin making it look healthy and supple.  These treatments also stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.  They help improve your skin texture and complexion.

Consider your Skin Type....

Selecting the right polish for your skin type is one of the most important aspects of body polishing. This will insure that your skin is well-hydrated and  achieves it's optimal results.


DRY SKIN:  Organic Turbinado Sugar & Organic Coconut Sugar help moisturize and work together as antibacterial/natural disinfectants to the skin which Revitalizes it!  Also added are, Rice, Almonds and Lemon Juice.


OILY SKIN:  Rice and Organic salts cleanse and help kill bacteria which contribute to acne.  Salt and Lemon will provide premium exfoliation and lemon has anti-bactierial properties.


NORMAL SKIN:  Rice, Almonds, Coffee and Green Tea all Rejuvenate! Sugar or Salt can be added if a client wishes to aid in exfolliation.


DETOX & CELLULITE:  Rice and Coffee target cellulite by smoothing uneven skin texture, then Green Tea acts as a purifying agent,  Lemon Juice lowers ph levels.


CUSTOM :  The following ingredients may be added per client's request:


1.  Cinnamon: which energizes, stimulates and raises metabolism (not for sensitive

     skin/pregnant women or potential allergic etc.)

2.  Lemon:  Important prior to a spray tan

3.  Green Tea:  anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants, has shown to

     reverse signs of aging.




Pricing for Custom Scrubs

All Body Polish Treatments last 20 minutes and are $44.00

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Buddy Massage Cream

Approximately 30 treatments per 8 oz. jar.  $20.00

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