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Healthy Eating Habits Should Start Early!

Let me help you choose foods that the whole family will enjoy.  Menus and meal preparation, customized for your needs!  It's fun!

Thai Bodywork

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What is a Balanced Body?


Everyday Americans try and achieve what they perceive to be "the perfect life." They juggle careers, family and social activities only to feel fatigued and frustrated at the end of the day.  In actuality, most people take better care of their cars then they do their bodies; washing, waxing, changing the oil and getting regular tune-ups, yes?  Yet over the course of our lifetime we will own several cars, but we only have ONE BODY!

Getting proper nutrition, regular exercise, and massage therapy is crucial for maintaining ourselves and becoming "balanced."  


When you are in balance everything is better.  You perform better at work, play, and relationships.  When you have love of self, it is so much easier to appreciate what is important, and be your ultimate best!


I would love the opportunity to help you on that journey!


Karen Sallade, LMT

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